Course Overview

FS Academy offers students the opportunity to learn photography under some of the most talented photographers in the industry. Our curriculum covers many genres; Whether you are a complete beginner stuck on fully automatic or a professional photographer we can help you achieve your aims. Here, you will learn how to do high-end, fashion and beauty retouching following industry standard techniques like frequency separation; using dodge and burn techniques etc. from basic to advanced, and also commercial photography courses with as much emphasis on practical learning, rather than just theory. Our commitment to our students reaches beyond the classroom where students keep on learning, even after they have finished their courses. Let’s prepare you to becoming one of the leading sought after photographers in the industry.

What You Will Learn

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Photography
  • A Brief History of Photography
  • Basic Camera Operation and Handling (what does this button do?)
  • Film Versus Digital Cameras
  • Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • The Eye of the Photographer
  • Composition
  • Shooting with Available Light (natural lighting)
  • Introduction to The Photographic Self-Portraits
  • Self-portrait as an Alter-ego
  • The Business of Photography
  • Getting Work as A Freelance Photographer
  • Creating A Photographic Portfolio
  • Street Photography/Photo Journalism (a photo walk)
  • Group Portrait Project
  • Studio Fashion Shoot in 15mins (working under pressure)

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