Course Overview

Motion graphics is a way of combining moving texts, graphics and images to make a video. It is mostly used to create TV commercials, adverts in the media industry. The course will include lectures, showcases and demonstrations of the history, techniques and applications of motion graphics in broadcast media. Projects will cover basic motion graphics principles, design and composition, timing and drama, story-boarding and planning, sound and music development and synchronization. Appropriate and current industry standard computer applications will be introduced and applied. Extend your creativity into motion graphics - come learn what Adobe After Effects can do!

This course is designed for both beginners with little or no basic knowledge and also the advanced. This class covers the core concepts, approaches and techniques required for starting a career in 3D animation. A Certificate in Motion Graphics will be presented to the students on successful completion of the course.

Select the course difficulty that suits you and let’s create the future together.

What You Will Learn


  • Fundamentals of Motion Graphics
  • Understanding the interface of Adobe After Effects
  • Creating basic animation using shapes, effects and presets
  • Learning the Key framing–based animations
  • Creating beautiful and functioning logos
  • Learning to render effectively


  • Understanding Parenting (Using the null)
  • Transfer Controls
  • Understanding Tracking
  • Using the Rotoscoping technique
  • Using 3D features in motion graphics

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