Welcome to Future Scope Academy

Understanding how to create media for the ever-changing internet means you can make your ideas reach more people, anywhere in the world—just what today’s companies need. Our instructors at Futurescope Academy will teach you how to design functional, interactive interfaces for both traditional and mobile web devices, as well as give you an understanding of design fundamentals like color theory, font pairing, typography and more.

On completion of the course, students will be able to take one’s skill to design and develop engaging and functional websites that matches up with industry standards.

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Our Training Bootcamp

We are opening our doors to teach aspiring students the tools and tricks of design. This academy is designed to train you on how to get you job-ready, teaching you the skills and techniques you need to land a job in the design industry.

We’ve all been through it before. The academic world can sometimes feel a little far from the real job world and knowing how to use those skills learnt at university in a job situation can be daunting. Hence, the birth of Futurescope Academy.

We’re opening our doors and getting you ready for the workplace. Over 6 weeks, we’ll challenge you to greatly improve your skills in the selected courses we offer, teaching you everything from theory to practical techniques. Everything that you’ll learn is the most current and up-to-date best practices actually used in the design industry.

Web Design and Development

Understanding how to create media for the ever-changing internet means you can make your ideas reach more people...

3D Modelling & Animation

The world of 3D modelling & animation has become really popular in the recent years. And I’m not just talking about the high...

Graphic Design

Daring to leave your comfort zone and project the creative future? Let’s go on the ride together. Over the years, design has become an ever-evolving profession...


This course is a comprehensive class that provides product and home design training to creating 2D drawings using AutoCAD software...

Revit Architecture

Intended for those individuals who are or aspiring to be architects, interior designers, engineers, and others involved in the construction industry..

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a way of combining moving texts, graphics and images to make a video. It is mostly used to create TV commercials...

Learning Prospects Beyond Borders,
Why Learn With Future Scope Academy

Practical Experience

Get hands-on practical experience throughout the program. 80% Practical and 20% Theory.

Flexible Learning Hours

The Bootcamp training hour is very flexible. You can decide to the classes on weekdays or weekends.

Lecturers With Vast Experience

We have lecturers with years of solid and vast experience in their areas of specialization.

Our Approach

Our approach is "Simplifying everything"

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About The Bootcamp

FS Academy Design Bootcamp is a non-intensive, 4-week digital design training that caters to teenagers (from the ages of 13 – 18) who have aspirations on expressing their creativity skills and not just think outside the box, but develop to live outskirts of the box.

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How Do I get Started?

Ready to level up your creativity skill and live outside the box? Alright! First off, you can either register online for the course you want to get trained on or you can simply get an application form from our training venue. Kindly check the Register tab on the website. Then, select your desired course followed by the course difficulty. Trust me, it’s going to be so much thrill.

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